U54 Cancer Outreach Core Leadership & Staff Members

The COC is comprised of leadership and staff uniquely focused on addressing the social determinants of cancer disparities. With backgrounds in the social and behavioral sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Behavioral Science), health promotion and disease prevention, public health, business, information technology, data management, alternative and complementary medicine, humanities (Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies) and other disciplines, COC leadership and staff bring interdisciplinary training, professional experience and a conscious commitment to eliminating disparities by engaging communities not on the “back-end,” but the “front-end” of its efforts. The COC is comprised of the following members:

  • Paul Juarez, Ph.D., MMC COC Co-Leader
  • Elizabeth A. Williams, Ph.D., VICC COC Co-Leader
  • Baqar Husaini, Ph.D., TSU COC Co-Leader
  • Pamela Hull, Ph.D., TSU COC Research/Evaluation Coordinator
  • Van Cain, TSU COC Data Manager
  • Catalina Goss, TSU COC Bilingual Health Educator
  • Tonya Micah, VICC Office of Minority Affairs
  • Michelle Reece, TSU COC Outreach Coordinator
  • Anne Washburn, MPH, VICC Office of Patient and Community Education
  • Leah Alexander, Ph.D., COC Subcommittee Member
  • Debbie Wujcik, Ph.D., COC Subcommittee Member
  • Bettina Beech, DrPH, U-54 Co-Principle Investigator, VICC